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I am an Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework®. A wife and mother of 5. I am a musical director and voice coach. I have performed in many musicals and have sung with the Utah Opera Company. I am a member of VASTA.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So I am now alone. Everyone has gone. My house is clean. I sleep all night. The washing machine runs only about four times a week. Whereas for a month and ahalf it has run four to five times a day. Quiet. No baby sounds, no handprints on my windows, no spitup on my shirts, no baby pee on my bed, no bottles on my counter, no diapers tossed into divers areas, no snuggling into the necks of sweet smelling angels, no goo goo sounds, no "Grandma, come and play with me". I am back into the swing of a one child at home, school's in session life and I am back to work at the high school. Funny how change happens so quickly. One minute every moment is full of family, the next you are alone and things are quiet. Change. Life. Family.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Me, Joslyn, and Daddy... High Ropes High Hopes
Mom and Dad way up there.... Day four

First day, Sunday It was so beautiful.

Day Two in Dominica, High hopes high Ropes... Can't believe we did this!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Family time

The month of August is family month. All of our kids are here with my grandbabies. All except for Joslyn and Connor and Kaydence, who are in Canada with Joslyns family. They will get here in a week and then we will be complete. Travis will be here the end of this week too. I really don't know how all of this has happened. 8 grandbabies. It is amazing to me. I will get some pictures of all of them as soon as Joan can put them on.
I blog about the same way I scrap book. So this might be a once in a great while.
The summer has flown by. I kept thinking that things would slow down but they just speed up.
We have corn, rows of corn. Beans, squash, tomatoes, watermellons, cantalope, and huge pumkins. I look out at our garden and want to pay someone to do all the work. I was not cut out of the pioneer pattern. Can't figure out why I am such a whimp.
Scott Stauffer left for his mission. He reminds me so much of my Brian. Good luck to his mom. The heart of a mother is ripped right out of their chest when those sons leave. Love you TL.
We had a great family reunion this month. My side of the fam. How did we end up with such great love for eachother? Must have something to do with our parents. We had a blast. Julie and Jen planned it all and it was so great.
Mary graduated with a degree in jurnalism two weeks ago. That was a miracle. Never thought she would make it. So much for a mother who knows the fruit of her loins.
Amy is training for a marathon. She keeps wanting me to run with her. I just fake stomach problems.
Can't think of anything else to put here. I am sure there is more to my life than this but the old steel trap is leaking. Plus I am tired. I am getting old.